Aaron Tovish
1 min readJun 2, 2024


An interesting prespective and forcefully expressed. It's few kernal of truth are skillfully used to build a deeply flawed narrative. It is distressing how many of the commentators seemed to have swallowed it whole.

RadGal has pointed to other kernals of truth that pop this bubble; as has Lipschutz. I am surprised no one mentioned El Al (no, not the the airline, it's named after the concept of return to the land which the Jewish god gave to the Jewish people).

The holocaust made Israel inevitable (with or without European/US assistance). The zionists were riding the nationalism bandwagon without much success until the holocaust and WWII. At first, some zionists even welcoed Hitler's anti-semitism as a motivation for Jews to head toward Israel.

If the process of repenting for the holocaust had proceeded more quickly in Germany (and Europe) fewer Jew would have joined the Israel adventure. But, as several commentators have pointed out, the Anti-communist West and the anti-capitalist East had other, they thought, more important fish to fry.

If the partition of 1947 had not been reject outright by the Arab nations. Palestine and Israel could be co-existing and mutually flourishing today. But anti-semitism seemed at the time to serve the cause of Arab nationalism. Hardly so today.

Tragedies have deep roots!