Aaron Tovish
2 min readNov 17, 2023


If you want to hate Palestinians and savor their deaths, go right ahead, but, please, spare us your "justifications." You expose your ugly bias in the second paragraph, which I will now break down:

"Wikipedia says that the vote had about a 75% turnout, and of those who voted, about 44.45% voted for Hamas, giving them the majority and control of the government."

Wow! where to start?

44% is not a majority. Reduce that to 75% and you get 33% of elegible voters. Roughly half the populations was of voting age. So 17% of Palestinians alive 17 years ago voted for Hamas.

83% did not vote for Hamas. Add on to that the new 0-17 year old Gazans and you can cut that to 9%.

So go on and hate that 9% as much as your heart desires, as for the 91%, please read what follows.

"Now that leaves 56% against Hamas, surely that means that they don’t all like Hamas. Well, in that election Fatah received 41.43% of the votes, and PFLP received about 4.25%. All three of the top groups totaled 90.13% of the vote. All three of these groups are militant extremist groups. So over 90% of voters voted for a militant extremist group, they just split on which one. It would be like saying that ISIS only got 44% of the vote, and Al Qaeda the other 41%, and the Taliban the other 4%. Effectively, they are all evil and we are splitting hairs to say otherwise."

Double Wow!

The comparison between Fatah and Al Qaeda is total rubbish. Fatah agreed to the Oslo and Camp David accords. Fatah is NOT deemed a terrorist organization by the US or the EU, or for that matter Israel. Your opinion of them is yours alone.

Yes, it is a big problem that Hamas has not permitted elections since 2016, but don't blame the victims.