Long ago I discovered a way of enhancing one's experience of looking at paintings, especially land- and city-scapes. The canvas is, of course, flat., but judicious use of perspective can create a 3D impression. Contrary to casual expectation, this impression is significantly enhanced by closing one eye, and further enhance by cupping one's hand around the open eye to eliminate the frame. By trying out various distances and heights from the painting, one can often get a striking 3D effect. Essentially, you are matching how the painter's eye observed the subject.*

One would not expect this to apply to abstract paintings, and it usually does not. A notable exception is Kandinsky. I think that there's more to it than just the yellow/blue phenomenon, but no doubt that plays a part.

* I am inspired to write up this viewing technique on my blog, aaron-tovish.medium.com . Give me a week or two for getting around to it!

PS: I am sure I am not the only person who saw the profile of a yellow head in Yellow-Red-Blue.




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