Aaron Tovish
1 min readFeb 1, 2024


"Most Ukrainian deaths are children, women and elderly."


Most PEOPLE are children, women, and elderly. Every year roughly 2 percent of a stable population die -- mainly of natural causes. After two years, 4 percent will have died. For Ukraine that equates to well over one million. And then figure in the 6 million who fled, and the millions in Russian captivity. In the midst of this chaos all estimates have huge error bars (which are never discussed!).

"Most Gaza deaths are children, women and elderly."

Yes, the same is said in Gaza. But the natural death count after 100 days is a considerably smaller factor. One can work the numbers and see that the vast majority of death of ALL categories are due to indiscriminate attack. The remain discriminate number of adult male deaths is smaller by an order of magnitude.

Way too late, but better late than never, this ratio has shrunk considerably in recent weeks.