My MIT professor talked about the similarity principle 50 years ago, but never tried to shoehorn each level into the planetary model.

Instead, I would like to try this idea out on the more knowledgeable readers. What if mass and gravity of particles are just the result of the space medium getting trapped into a 3D knot ? If the medium is being constantly rippled by light waves, occasionally a "perfect storm" would spontaneously from a stable knot.

The table of particles (or quarks) are a reflection of the different types of knots that are topologically possible. It is not hard to see why such knots would tend to cluster such that the overall distorsion of space would be minimized. (Also, anti-knots would automatically untie non-anti-knots, releasing the entrapped space medium. E=mc^2)

The best way to visualize this is in a 2 dimensional world. The universe is a rubber sheet. Stick your finger into its underside and grab it on the topside. Now pull that out long enough to make a stable knot in it: viola it is surrounded by a gravitational field. (Anti-knots are formed by poke in the opposite direction, thus electric charges.)





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