Aaron Tovish
2 min readMar 1, 2024


The approach Israel is using may convince some Palestinian that Hamas were reckless fools to poke the lion. But it will convince hardly a soul that Israel really has their best interests at heart.

So, to "military" matters: modern militaries have not figured out how to take and occupy urban concentrations. Israel is hardly alone in this very serious failing. The basic problem is that taking a city is only partially a warfare challenge; it is also a welfare challenge. This aspect came at best as an afterthought in the current campaign. The short-notice warnings to evacuate, together with the destruction of the means of receiving the warnings, made the whole scheme sickeningly laughable. And the clampdown of humanitarian aid in no way appears guided by humanitarian concern.

Before attacking, Israel (and any other military force in the world) should deploy a massive welfare capacity to allow evacuees to live in dignity and safety while the urban warfare rages. The little cage that Egypt has constructed on its border is but a hint at what would actually be required. If something on the scale actually required is beyond the means of Israel, then it could have called for international help. I believe it would have been forthcoming. All, this BEFORE, the counter-attack.

Finally, there needs to be a third component: repairing the damage so that the noncombabtants came resume something resembling normal life. I cannot see the slightest hint of foresight on this crucial aspect of urban revival.

Soon -- like NOW -- there needs to be an international conference on the conduct of urban warfare/welfare. CIty mayors should play a leading role. Military planners need to do some listening -- and reforming -- before they plough into another urban concentration and turn it into a disaster area. And maybe, at least some resistance movements will see the utter foolishness of waving a red flag in front of a bull.

[Apologies for the double posting, but the original version was burried deep in a reply to a reply.]