Aaron Tovish
1 min readNov 28, 2023


The life revolutions are better describe like so:

(1) RNA-DNA processing and encode self-reproductive activity.

(2) language-memory proceesing and encoding self-reproducitve activity

(3) software-hardware processing and encoding self-reproductive activity.

Note the last has not yet achieve self-reproduction.

The systems evolve under selective pressures. We have a general grasp of natural selection; are still fumbling around with culteral selection; and hardly have a clue what the selective pressures on AI will be. Presumably, we want/expect to have a role in that selection; but we might also be cut out of the loop.

A final point: exponential growth is not natural, eventually limits are reached, as we are learning vis a vis climate change. These limits are the ultimate selection pressure. What limits will AGI run up against? Terrestrial? Solar System? Galaxtic? Universe? Negentropy requires an energy through-flux to sustain itself. The low-grade waste energy is garbage that has to be put somewhere.